Elemental Gearbolt





In a fantastic world divided by class and race, technology from a mysterious source has imbued a young prince with the key to unimaginable power. By meas of a Neutral Network Computer fueled by the grey matter of unfortunate volunteers, he plans to conquer the known world, replacing it with a new order of his design. The only fly in the ointment is disturbing reports of two powerful Elementals storming across the land on a direct course toward the palace. One or two players can assume the identities of these Elementals as they crusade for an unknown master toward a climactic battle. This gripping hybrid, Shooting/RPG unfolds by means of heart-stopping fully-3D action levels interspersed with gorgeous hand-drawn animation scenes. Fully supporting the GunCon, standard light-gun, analog and standard pads, the ultimate shooting game has arrived. This is the game for which VISA was invented - what are you waiting for?


Konsole: PS1
Hersteller: Alpha Systems
Controller: G-Con 45
Preis ca: $29.99
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